Join our informative get-together, hosted by a Dutch local. Get information and meet other expats.

Do you want to understand the Dutch mentality, to get tips about amazing terraces, the nicest holiday houses, special boutiques, beautiful nature and much more? Do you want to get new ideas about where to go in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands? Do you want to exchange experiences on living in the Netherlands in an informal setting with a cup of coffee? Then join one of our informative get-togethers!




Get information from a local such as:

  • Non-touristic places to go in and around Amsterdam.
  • Where to go on a weekend trip in the Netherlands.
  • The famous architectural style 'Amsterdamse School'.
  • The 'do's and don'ts' on King's day.
  • Where you can 'go on safari' in the Netherlands.
  • Where you can see seals in a natural setting.
  • Where you can get the best pancakes.
  • And much more...


Expats Amsterdam more

This is about one hour from Amsterdam by car. But don't be late  if you want to use the free bikes in the high-season.

More for expats in Amsterdam

A typical example from the famous architectural style 'Amsterdamse School'. Learn how to recognize it.

Dutch culture for expats Amsterdam

A bag on a flag? Another one of these nice Dutch habits, like eating food out of the wall... :-).

More to see for expats outside Amsterdam

Just half an hour by bike from the city-center. Take the cute little ferry across the water.

''Laura has helped us to understand and to know the Dutch way of living and I must tell that if we love the Netherlands it is mainly because of her.'' Juan (Spain)


The informative get-togethers will be hosted by Laura, a Dutch local who was born, raised and lives in Amsterdam. The program starts with an informal meet-and-greet. Followed by a game to test your knowledge of Amsterdam and the Netherlands :-). After which there will be a presentation about the Dutch culture, places to go & things to know when you live in and around Amsterdam. And of course during the presentation and the coffee break there will be time for questions. To encourage interaction and an relaxed atmosphere, the minimal number of participants will be 5 and the maximum 15.



''Although I have been living here for 2 years now, I got a lot of new ideas.'' Joanne (UK)


Date & Time

Our informative get-togethers take about 1.5 hours. We start at 10:00 am. Next date: Thursday, October 11, 2018.


The location is in Amsterdam-South (De Roos, Vondelpark) or in Amsterdam-Center (Utrechtsedwarsstraat), depending on the date.


The fee is 30 Euros per person, including a cup of coffee and one biscuit. Yes, only one, we are Dutch after all ;-).



My name is Laura Boersma and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with my two teenage sons. I have a master's degree in Econometrics and before I started More4expats I worked in the financial sector for over twenty years.

My Romanian mother was 28 when she came to Amsterdam and she often told me how difficult it was in the beginning to find her way without her family and friends. It wasn’t easy to mix with Dutch people because they already had built their own circle of friends.

When I was a kid, we therefore often had foreign guests for dinner; colleagues from the international company she worked for. Some of them only spoke their native language and we couldn't really talk to them during dinner, which was quite weird for us as kids, but my mother didn't care and wanted to give them that bit of warmth that she herself had missed in the beginning.

I have always been interested in different cultures ever since. I worked for several years at ING Direct, an international company, and there I loved helping my expat colleagues. I used to help them with all kinds of practical things and I also showed them the less-touristic parts of Amsterdam and explained to them all those weird Dutch habits.  And when times were difficult for them, and home felt suddenly very far away, I tried to support them.

At that time I came upon the idea of starting a company for expats. And now, many years later, I am very happy to have started More4expats and to share my knowledge of Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands - both offer so much more than the standard touristic places - and to support expats in good and bad times.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!